Voyages of Discovery

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(02) 9959 1381

Email: info@voyagesofdiscovery.net.au

Website: www.voyagesofdiscovery.com

As anyone who has travelled with Voyages of Discovery before will testify, it is like no other cruise holiday. With her classic liner style, room to relax and with only 650 passengers, mv Discovery is perfect for seeing the smaller ports and islands that have to be missed by other lines.

Aboard Discovery, fascinating destinations are brought to life by renowned guest speakers, and without distracting nightclubs and other exuberant amenities found on so many other cruise lines, it is a return to classic cruising where learning about, and then experiencing a port of call is of more value.

Discovery is the epitome of understated elegance, and has her own place and charm in an ocean full of ‘floating resorts’. Her atmosphere is unpretentious and convivial, you’ll enjoy excellent food and entertainment and the genuinely friendly crew offer a more personal and attentive service.

Passengers may start their voyage as strangers onboard Discovery, but they soon form friendships that last well beyond their time on board.