Austrian National Tourist Office

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(02) 9299 3621

Email: info@antosyd.org.au

Website: www.austria.info/au

Austria – A delightful experience
Discover the beauty and culture of the world’s most charming destination

There’s virtually no end to pleasurable moments you can experience on your holidays in Austria: Austria is a unique mix of tradition and innovation. A country, where cultural treasures from the past face modern art and architecture, where warm hospitality blends with contemporary design. Situated in the heart of Europe and surrounded by 8 neighbouring countries, this small country is compact, easy to explore and delightful to see. Spectacular scenery awaits you around every corner: vineyards, ancient castles and venerable abbeys overlooking the Danube, wooded hills rising out of the lush farmland, lakes surrounded by soaring mountains, Alpine peaks and their icy world of glaciers reaching for the sky. The towns are as varied as the countryside around them: from historic cities where architectural masterpieces from centuries ago meet contemporary design, to cosy mountain villages with traditional little houses. Discover Austria and let yourself be carried away into a world where past and present have merged into a perfect blend.